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Your Support


private funding for alzheimer's disease research is urgently needed

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Support Options

Your financial support of our important research provides much needed coverage of our operating budget, including salaries, equipment and supplies. Contributions in any amount are, of course, gladly accepted.
Level Annual Gift Benefits
Contributor up to $5,000 listing in annual progress report
Donor $5,000 - 50,000 scheduled lab tour and presentation by Dr. Klein
Sponsor $50,000 - 150,000 named published study sponsor
Benefactor $150,000 + named sponsor of Alzheimer's Research fellow

Note: At a given level, benefits at lower levels also apply. We're open to your suggestions.

Contact us to find out more about contributing

What Your Support Means To Us

While Northwestern University provides us world class laboratories, we cover all our own operating expenses. We alone are responsible for funding our researchers' salaries, graduate students' tuition, scientific instrumentation, fees for core facilities, and all supplies.

These expenses are growing significantly every year, as you can imagine. Recent rises in inflation only magnify our financial challenges.

Pharmaceutical companies do not fund basic research at universities. They focus their attention on clinical trials and their own drug research.

What this implies for us is clear. Our need for on-going, sustainable contribution resources has never been greater.  

Why the Urgency?

A postage stamp is not enough

The numbers tell a compelling story:
Cause of Death 2000 2008 % change
Heart disease 710,760 616,828 -13
Breast cancer 42,300 41,026 -3
Prostate cancer 31,078 28,472 -8
Stroke 167,661 134,148 -20
Alzheimer’s 49,558 82,435 +66

Yet commitment to Alzheimer's research spending has remained FLAT at just 1/2% of total disease-related spending and is predicted to remain so.

Source: Alzheimer's Association Report: 2012 Facts & Figures

Research Spending Tells Another Story

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008* 2009* % chg 04-09
Spending on Alzheimer's research ($M) 633 656 643 645 644 644 2%
Number of diagnosed Alzheimer's patients (M) 4.0 4.5 4.7 5.0 5.2 5.5 38%
Research $ per patient $ 158 $ 146 $ 137 $ 129 $ 124 $ 118 -25%
Deaths attributable to Alzheimer's* 65,829 71,696 73,000        

* estimates

Bottom line

Research spending per patient is declining as the number of those diagnosed is rapidly increasing.

Hope for early diagnosis and successful treatment lies in an increasing level of support from the private sector.


We are grateful for having received generous financial support from these sources:

Charles H. & Bertha L. Boothroyd Foundation

Buehler Foundation

Al & Carole Feiger Family Foundation

State Of Illinois Dept of Public Health

Nartel Family Foundation

Anonymous donors

and other philanthropic gifts to Northwestern University


The Klein Lab at Northwestern University
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Evanston, Illinois 60208-3520


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